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Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Service Center

Yes, we need a requisition ordered, authorized, and signed by an authorized healthcare provider/physician.
Yes. We charge an on-site convenience fee for cash, under and uninsured patients.

Standard Blood Draw: $59.00
Fingerstick and process on mobile canister: $45.00
Self - Collected Specimen Pickup & deliver to a lab for processing: $20.00
Specialty Kits – Stats, etc.: Call for a quote
ULS is a mobile “Draw-only” service. Your phlebotomist collects your blood sample(s), and pack and transport your specimens to the designated laboratory for processing. Your lab results will be sent directly to the ordering clinician. ULS doesn't receive a copy of your personal lab results.
ULS accepts, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, InstaMed, HSA, HRA. Payments can be made through our Patient Portal.

Patients with a credit card on file, will be charged upon satisfactory completion of our services. Cardholders must provide authorization allowing us to save a credit card on file and can request the Credit Card Authorization form.
Orders can be emailed to: [email protected]
Please be sure to send your demographic information and copies of the front and back of your current insurance card.
Yes, our Patient Portal is a secure method of payment.

The ULS Patient Portal provides easy access to invoices, statements and enables you to make payments directly to your account.
Insurance coverage will vary significantly, and carriers are always making changes or adjustments to their coverages. You are the “Financially Responsible Party.” Contact your carrier about your benefits for laboratory and mobile on-site services.
If your provider is requesting you receive an on-site lab collection, they must include a prior-authorization from your carrier to ensure coverage. Accurate coding of your medical condition and the tests ordered is required. It is important to review your insurance coverage to understand the requirements for prior-authorization.
Yes, we offer pick up pre-collected specimens and transport them to the appropriate laboratory for processing and reporting results.
Types of specimens include: urine, stool, sputum, wound cultures, etc.
No, our phlebotomists are not authorized to do Port Draws.
Yes; we have several specialized phlebotomists qualified to perform sedated lab collections as ordered by their PCP.
Yes; if you are having labs drawn somewhere other than your home address, please provide: address, suite numbers, and inform your front desk of your appointment. Collections at a hotel must be completed in a semi-private open area for the safety of all parties. Insurance reimbursement for mobile services is strictly limited to medical necessity. Non-medical on-site draws will be “CASH PAY”. Call for details.
Yes, your safety and comfort is extremely important to us.
If you would like your phlebotomist to wear a mask during your encounter, be sure to let them know when they contact you to schedule your appointment time.
Claims for multiple and/or identical services provided to an individual patient on the same day may be denied as duplicate claims. You may become personally responsible for payment of additional draws.

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